Monday, August 6, 2007


Looking for the art of your life? Can't find that unique personalized gift idea? Gene-Portrait creates a unique DNA digital image of your genetic world from a sample of your own DNA. Each DNA portrait is unique and holds no medical or legal value.

How do we do it? A DNA sample is collected in the privacy of your own home by means of a mouth swab (cheek scrape) which is quick and painless. After receiving the sample, we proceed to the DNA extraction and testing to generate a unique digital DNA portrait of your genetic essence.

Our unique DNA fingerprinting method creates exclusive digital self-portrait photos by using a unique blend of molecular recipes and ingredients. These DNA digital images are Gene-Portrait's artistic vision of the the genetic world we all carry within.

Our science-art portraits allow you to contemplate and enjoy a sample of your own unique DNA world. This personalizes the experience and engages you in ways that wouldn't otherwise be possible.

How about the option of a group DNA portrait with family, your couple, friends or even your pet ? Can you think of a more unique and personalized gift for your loved ones?.

You will receive your unique DNA portrait art on CD, a high-resolution digital image gallery full of color and style. Your unique DNA image CD allows you to preserve your portrait for a lifetime, gives you freedom as to how to handle your unique DNA-art portrait, and you save money in overall costs.

Our philosophy is to offer you the highest quality at the lowest possible price in a context of maximum flexibility.

Engage in this amazing journey to your DNA world and materialize it into an exclusive and personalized work of art : Your unique DNA portrait.

A DNA portrait of a family of three

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