Sunday, August 19, 2007

Japan bean plants sprout messages

Ever wanted to say "I love you" and never found the words? Well now you can buy a plant that says it for you.

Two Japanese manufacturers, toy makers Tomy and Takara, have both produced bean plants which sprout to reveal a special message.

Takara said its plant was "a new type of message card to convey your feelings to your loved ones", according to the French news agency AFP.

The gift comes with a choice of six different messages such as "Good Luck" and "I Love You" inscribed through the plant with a laser beam.

Tomy's offering features beans set in a white egg which "hatch" soon after they are put in water. The plants have a message in French on one side, and a message in Japanese on the other.

"You can have the fun of fortune telling, as you don't know what message will come out until the bean sprouts," Tomy told AFP.

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