Sunday, November 18, 2007


Yesterday I stumbled upon an article on unwarranted fears and discovered there was a phobia called Caligynephobia, the fear of beautiful women. At first I didn't believe someone could actually be afraid of a beautiful woman. But it's true, Caligynephobia does exist.

Caligynephobia, also called Venustraphobia, is the persistent and unwarranted fear of beautiful women, often experienced when physically interacting with an attractive female. Caligynephobia is estimated to effect approximately 0.47% of males in Britain, and 0.61% in America.

Its effects ultimately lead to a decrease in social and business activities, as communication with alluring women is generally attempted to be avoided where possible. Thus symptoms are easily detectible and mostly harmless. They include shortness of breath, irregular heartbeat, perspiration, nausea and overal feeling of dread.

For all those suffering from the fear of beautiful women, there's an effective treatment for Caligynephobia.


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